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  • Brian 10:27 PM on April 15, 2013 Permalink | Reply  

    Boston 4/15/13 

    I haven’t written a blog in over 6 months. Even longer that one was posted here. What started off as a great day turned horribly tragic. It is Patriot’s Day in Boston and that means an early Red Sox game and the running of the Boston Marathon. The Sox pulled out a close win which as a Yankee fan I’m indifferent to and Kenya and Ethiopia one again proved dominant in distance racing. Around 3pm my old high school coach texted me that there had been explosions at the marathon finish line. I had to read it a few times to really grasp what he was saying. I then had to ask myself was he ribbing me? Because in my mind there is no way anything like that could ever happen at a race. As I turned to CNN and my worst fears were confirmed.

    I was not prepared for the graphic nature of the pictures and video that were shown online. I personally grapple with the decision of some news networks to post them but while I found a lot of it to maybe be too much for viewers, especially children, I understand the climate of news media today where there is a need to publish everything and scoop everyone else. What I saw, read and heard was terrible. The kind of thing that makes everything else in life seem insignificant. A marathon represents the greatest pf mankind. It shows people of all creeds, colors and backgrounds running together fighting for the same goal: to run 26.2 miles. It is a pure and innocent event that showcases the very best of people. From runners who worked so hard to train for it to the friends, family and just spectators who line the course to cheer them on to all the volunteers who make it possible it really is such a great event. And to have it marred by what happened today is just tragic.

    I just cannot understand the hatred in the hearts of some people that they could do something like this. It’s something I will never understand I guess because to do what someone did today is the mark of a truly despicable and disturbed human being. I can understand someone not liking a political party, a government, a city, a country, a politician, etc. but what does a marathon have to do with any of that? What did bombing the Boston Marathon have to do with anything today? There were over 27,000 runners and thousands more watching who were innocent bystanders. They did nothing wrong today. And yet now over 100 people are injured and some very seriously. Even worse 2 young children are confirmed among the dead. And for what? So someone could make a statement? So someone could show the world what a monster looks like? The only thing this person or persons showed is that they are a coward.

    Some people will see all this and say look at the evil that exists in the world and how the world is going to hell in a hand basket. I counter that by saying I saw the good in the world today. I saw first responders, police and even race spectators and volunteers running towards the blast area to help those who were injured. I saw doctors, nurses and EMT’s tending to the injured and trying to get them to hospitals for medical attention. I saw law enforcement of all degrees descend upon Boston to try and maintain order and keep the public safe when it become clear there was much more carnage planned. And I saw an outpouring of support amongst not just the running community but the entire social community as well.

    I’ve crossed over a hundred finish lines in my life. I’m running the NYC marathon this November. I would never think to be afraid of garbage cans or bags that might contain explosives. Now every time I finish a race it will always be there in the back of my mind. Much the same way when you see a heavy police presence in the NYC subway system, the K-9 units, police armed with M4′s it reminds you that even over 11 years later what happened that fateful day in 2001.

    I’m born and raised in NYC. I can tell you where I was and what I was doing the day the Twin Towers fell. It’s something you never forget and sadly today will go down as one of those days where everyone will tell you years later where they were too. The problem is that terrorism isn’t a country or regime you can topple. It’s purpose is to strike fear into the hearts of people. To make them afraid to go outside and to live their lives freely. I remember 9/11/11 vividly but I also remember 9/13/11 as well. I remember being 17 years old and watching a city rise back up. I remember a nation standing united. I remember people refusing to live in fear and maybe it didn’t happen all at once but as each new day dawned we got back to life as we knew it as best we could. Because the only way the terrorists win is if we give up. If we live in constant fear then all hope is lost. But if we stand together and prop each other up, if we extend a hand to one another when one of us falls, if we refuse to let fear rule our lives then they will never win.

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    All new blog posts are now over on the main site at Running Redemption. Still testing out their blog template and if I find I like this one better I can always go back. But for now check out all my new posts at .

  • Brian 4:10 PM on January 26, 2012 Permalink | Reply  

    I’ll Help You Get Started 

    I know this is my blog and therefore it is somewhat centered around me but every now and then I do use it for good. For today forget about what I eat, when I go to the gym or how many miles I run. Instead let’s focus on you. Do you consider yourself in shape or out of shape? If you answered yes then let me ask you why that was your answer? Is it because you are an ideal weight, feel good or look good in the mirror? Being in shape is a lot more than just how one looks. Let’s tweak the question to do you have a poor diet or not exercise regularly? If you answer yes to either of those (and especially both) how can you say you are in shape? Going back to the very first question if you answered no then at least I know you are honest.

    The fact is the majority of us are out of shape. Whether it is from eating badly or not doing any physical activity the end result is the same. It’s not simply enough to look good as that is sometimes more a result of metabolism and genetics. I can tell you that I’ve always had a fast metabolism but there were times during running lulls where I would look about as thin as I do now but if I had to run 5 blocks to save my life I’d be dead. So appearnace is the worst way to judge if you are in shape or not. Your weight not coincidentally is the second worst way. While I feel BMI is a useful tool, it is not the end all be all measuring stick to determine your state of health. To be trully healthy you need to eat healthy and be active. There’s really not much more to it than that.

    So if you want to start towards being in better shape my suggestion would be to amend the way you eat. It really is up to you how many changes you want to make and whether you jump into the deep end of the pool or gradually built up towards it. Some tips I can offer are: to cut soda and other sugary beverages and replace them with water, eat smaller portions, never go to grocery store on an empty stomache as it leads to impulse buying, try to fruits and vegetables into your diet, eat lean meats and fish, incorporate healthy grains into your recipes, always eat a healthy breakfast, avoid junkfood and fastfood and to eat a light dinner and leave plenty of time between your last meal and bedtime. Again you can use some or all of these ideas as you see fit. Everyone is different and for some people going cold turkey works whereas for others it will lead to caving after a few days. Know your own body and your tendencies and pick the right course of action that works best for you.

    Eating right gets you halfway to the goal but to really reach your fitness goals you need to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. There are hundreds of ways to accomplish this but the main point is to be active. Some activities include swimming, yoga, spin class, cycling, rock climbing, lifting weights and this blog’s very namesake: running. Whatever gets your blood pumping and a good sweat started. Just be sure not to try to do too much too soon as it takes time to get in shape. You cannot expect to go from no activity to running 6 miles or swimming 10 laps of the pool. Start off slowly and gradually increase the time, distance or level of resistance and not only will you see results but you’ll also likely avoid an injury or a setback.

    This is getting in shape in its simplest form and there is obviously a lot more to it than that. For more detailed diet ideas and exercise advice check . Just know that being in shape is a lot easier than you think. It just requires a few tweaks to your lifestyle and a little hard work but trust me when I say you’ll be glad you did it for yourself later on.

    • Youda Conqueror 4:49 PM on January 28, 2012 Permalink | Reply

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  • Brian 1:15 PM on January 25, 2012 Permalink | Reply  

    Manhattan Half… 2 years ago 

    Before I go into a story about my first half marathon 2 years ago just a quick training update. I ran 5 miles last night in 38:30 for a 7:42 mile pace. It was getting colder out by the minute as the run went on. Supposedly it was 44 degrees out and windy but felt much colder and by end of run it was 39 degrees and even that felt generous being that I could have swore it was 32 or so. I didn’t wear my gloves and I regretted that decision.

    So in December 2009 after deciding I was going to run the NYC Marathon I got the Garmin Forerunner 205 as a Christmas gift from my mom. All training logs start from Christmas day that year. My plan was to apply for the lottery and hopefully get a spot but I had plan B ready to go which was to run 9+1 to get a spot for the next year’s marathon. So when choosing my 9 races I signed up for 5 of them off the bat. And which one was first? The Manhattan Half Marathon.

    My initial logic was that if you’re going to run 26.2 miles you need to be able to do 13.1 miles first. This is an extreme version of jumping into the deep end of the pool and I do not recommend this to anyone I talk to or train. Looking back it was extremely stupid and I’m lucky I didn’t injure myself. This is even worse because of the fact that I hadn’t run anything in about 2 years, I had never raced anything above 5 miles and was a hurdler/sprinter in high school and not a true distance runner. But despite all that I went ahead and trained for 5 weeks and then on January 24th I went to Central Park to run my first ever half.

    The fun part about Garmin is that in addition to logging the distance, time, pace, elevation, course it also gives you a space to write. It is interesting to read what I thought on the day of some of these runs as well as the weather conditions, how my body felt, etc. So here are the unedited submissions from the half itself on 1/24/10 and the day after which was titled the Manhattan Half Aftermath 1/25/10:

    37 degrees, cloudy, cold… ive never been in so much pain… this was the stupidest thing i ever did… i can barely walk and limped my way out of cpk… and worse those assholes at the mta closed the 1 train but didnt post signs so i went all the way down the stairs and then had to mountain climb my way back up them to go find the R train… i am proud of myself tho… i ran 13.1 miles (13.26 on Garmin so not sure who is right) without stopping… glad i didnt stop because once i did i lost my legs… i also lost my hat and gloves… i tossed them at mile 6 and when i came back at 12 they were gone so some bum must have stole them… but i broke 2 hours which was better than could have ever expected and now i know i can do half a marathon so hopefully in 10 months i can run all 26.2

    51 degrees, cloudy… well this run sucked… i couldnt even run 2 miles… my legs feel like cement blocks and last i checked i wasnt in bad with the mob… apparently body doesnt recover from 13 miles so easily… need to train more… next few races are all 5 miles or less so should be better

    And now looking back in hindsight: deserved to be in pain as what jackass only trains 5 weeks to run a half? I do remember the train part now and that did suck. That is a long way down the steps at Columbus Circle only to have to turn around and walk back up and then walk 3 blocks to 57th St for the R train. It’s 10x as long when you can barely walk. It was slightly miraculous that I ran the whole distance with no stops or walks and that I broke 2 hours. That run the next day was pathetic but understandable given the circumstances. Also interesting to note I believed I’d be getting in via the lottery instead of 9+1. Good thing I had a back up plan even if it added an extra year to the journey. That day could have ended the marathon dream very easily as had I failed in the half maybe I quit and never try again. Instead just being able to finish it and do better than I ever could have expected gave me hope and I clung to that in the worst of times. I’d have worse halves later on but was able to brush them off because I knew when the time came I’d be ready to run the marathon. Not so sure it happens if I have a bad half the very first time.

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    Random Ideas 

    Before I start going off on wild tangents I’ll talk about last night’s run. Took advantage of the sudden warm weather swept into the tri state area and went for a 7 mile run last night. Temp was 53 degrees with a mist in the air that turned into a little rain at certain points in the run. Any snow from the other day is just a memory as the rain and warm temp combo melted away everything which is fine by me as I hate snow. Snow is only good for children (possible school closing) and NY Sanitation (overtime). For the rest of us it means a terrible commute to work, having to shovel and getting your race basically cancelled (so much for the Manhattan Half this past weekend). Before the run I had spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. I got stupid though and ate way too much bread which weighed me down mid way through the 7 miles. Mile pace through the early parts of run were around 7:40. Stopped at 3.5 miles to stretch left calf for a few minutes. Thought about stopping at 5 and 6.5 mile marks but wanted to make it a 7 mile day so pushed forward to finish the job. Final time 54:25 for 7 miles. Body is a little sore today but that is more likely due to the 3 days off taken this weekend from the snow than from the 7 mile run itself. I plan to run 5-6 miles after work tonight.

    So random ideas always creep into my head when I’m running. This of course happens when I have no way to write them down or make a note of them. Luckily I remembered a few this time. I realize my blog should have started 2 years ago to coincide with my 9+1 pursuit of the NYC Marathon. This year the 2012 spot is already locked up so really no point to recording that chase either. But it did occur to me that there are some good stories from the 2010 races so maybe a few blogs should be dedicated to them with the actual writings from the day of the race (I always go into detail in my Garmin log page) as well as analysis now looking back on them in hindsight. Maybe there are some lessons that can be learned from the 20+ races run between 2010 and 2011.

    Another random idea is that I should start selling t-shirts. I always come up with slogans, mottos, witty things during my runs and say to msyelf that with the right graphic or picture it’d make a nice shirt. So if I sold any of them in the future would any of you buy it? Might be something to test out later on.

    So far for the week Sunday was a dud and Monday was a 7 mile run. With a planned 5-6 miles tonight, a Wed morning gym session (5 miles cardio then getting brolic), a Thursday night hill repeat workout (4 mile total), back to the gym Friday morning for a repeat of Wed and maybe a 5 mile run Saturday this could be a 32 mile week. Not stellar but a step in the right direction. Odds are likely a day gets destroyed whether it be from work, life, screaming baby, angry wife, family obligations, general laziness (salutes) or whatever. Still 5 days out of 7 is not bad in my book. I guess that is the moral of the blog today: try to get out there as many days as possible every week. 3 or 4 is good, 5 is great and 6 or 7 makes you the destroyer.

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    Too Many Steps Back 

    So 3 weeks into 2012 training and I need to revamp everything. Not so much revamp as actually stick to the original plan I drew up. The problem is I am falling into the same traps and pitfalls that catch me every winter. Even worse was that I let it cost me not only a race but 13 miles of training.

    I had my bag packed and clothes laid out for the Manhattan half Friday night. The looming threat of snow carried a chance that the race could be cancelled so I was checking the NYRR website all night and even woke up around 3am to take a quick look out the window. Around 5am I woke up and started to prepare for normal race day routine. Checking the site I saw that the race had been changed to a fun run meaning timing mats would not be used and it would not be a competitive race. This also meant that whether you ran or not you’d get the credit towards 9+1. I wrestled with the choice of racing or not. I took into account that there was barely an inch on the ground around 6am. I know I can run in the snow. I know I need to get the mileage in. I also know that the race would not be fast or pretty, that I’d have a greater risk of injury and that conditions could worsen and potentially leave me stranded in Manhattan with a very bad commute back to Staten Island leaving my wife to take care of our 10 month old daughter by herself.

    In the end the uncertainty of things and my responsibilities as a parent won out and after updating I went back to bed. Had it been a year ago there is no question I run this race. Part of me is upset with myself that I chose not to compete. Even madder that I did not run the entire weekend. I know why I would have run a year ago and chose not to this time and it isn’t all based on having a young child. I think ever since I ran the marathon I’ve lost something. Call it drive, passion, hunger or whatever but something is missing. I’ve gotten lazy and soft. Doing the math and considering everything if I had run the half at best I’d run maybe 1:45 and with the snow likely closer to the 2 hour mark.

    If I want to run a 3:30 marathon or even a 1:24 half the reality is that 20 mile weeks, bad diets and no trips to the gym or core work are not going to cut it. I need to really look back on the plan I put together just after the marathon and adhere to it. I can’t keep eating an entire 2 loaves of semolina bread every weekend, I can’t skip my daily vitamin, I have to stop ordering 4 slices of pizza or $15 worth of food during my lunch break, I need to be running 5 days a week not 3, I need to never post a run under 5 miles, I need to be planking everyday, I need so many sit ups, crunches, back extensions, obliques, scissor legs that my abs get put on the cover of an 8 minute ab DVD. And above all else I need to reignite the fire that got me to my first marathon. It’s only 3 weeks into 2012 but I need to turn things around fast as I’ve now lost 1 of my 6 chances this year to improve upon my half marathon time. Next opportunity is the NYC Half in 2 months. I need to be up early tomorrow morning and end this cycle of late to bed, late to rise and not making it to the gym or for a morning run. Tomorrow I’m taking 2 steps forward.

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    More Than a Race 

    I’ll start of by saying that I love running. It keeps me level headed, I do my best thinking on a run, makes me feel good about myself and it makes me healthy. All that being said there isn’t a word to describe how much I love racing. Everything about race day is like Christmas morning to me. The night before I have trouble falling asleep as anticipation keeps me awake. I’ve described the smell in the air at a race or track meet as “a combination of Ben Gay, Icy Hot and Vick’s Vapor Rub” and love it. I love seeing so many other people who actually give a shit about being in shape and showing up early in the morning to try to reach a goal they’ve set for themselves. And I love how kind runners tend to be towards complete strangers. The friendliest people I meet in life tend to be runners and a race is a great place to meet them.

    Every race has a different purpose or underlying meaning to them too depending on the person. I’ve run races where a PR was the goal. I’ve run them just for the mileage. I’ve run them just to meet the 9+1 quota. And I’ve run them to achieve a lifelong dream. I’m running the Manhattan Half this Saturday and I know I won’t PR and it’s not for the mileage, quota or to accomplish a dream but there is special meaning to this one. You have to go back a little over 2 years ago to understand why. In November of 2009 my brother ran the 40th running of the NYC Marathon. Watching him accomplish one of my life’s dreams was the motivation I needed to start the path to doing it myself. I joined the NYRR the next day. And then I got lazy. I’d run a day or so here and there but never wrote it down and never generated any momentum from it. My brother suggested the Garmin Forerunner to me so when my mom did what every great parent does and asked me what I wanted for Christmas I told her the Garmin 205. And so on December 25 I ran for the first time with it… and lasted a pathetic 2.75 miles in 21:46. And after that all the pacing was well over 8 minute miles and the maximum distance I covered was 7 miles in those 4 weeks. This was all leading into my first race in a few years: the 2010 Manhattan Half Marathon.

    The Manhattan Half holds a place near and dear to me because it was on that day that I started to believe that I really could one day run a marathon. As stated I had only gotten up to a max distance of 7 miles in the month of training going into the half. I do not recommend that you decide to just start training and 4 weeks later go and run 13.1 miles. This is even more true if you’ve never been a distance runner and have never raced anything above 5 miles. But I decided to jump into the deep end of the pool in a sink or swim effort.

    So how did it go? Better than I could have ever expected. For my longer training runs I’d usually have to stop and walk a little here and there. On that day however whether it was adrenaline or sheer will I ran the 13.1 miles from start to finish never stopping, never breaking momentum. As the race went on I started to change my goal. At first the goal was to just finish it and put race #1 on the sheet for 2010. Then I decided maybe I can break 2:15. Around 7 or 8 miles I realized I might be able to get close to 2 hours. Later I thought I could break 2 hours. And in that last mile it dawned on me that I was about to break 1:55. Final time was 1:53:51.

    So now you see why this race is special to me. On a day where it was 35 degrees out and I had only prepared for it for 4 weeks and only once even covered half the distance of the race I went out and ran longer than I ever had, didn’t stop, didn’t walk and didn’t quit. I knew going in that if I couldn’t even do a half marathon that I’d never be able to tackle the full marathon. And after 13.1 miles were in the books I knew I’d stand a chance. Then of course I limped my ass home (once the legs stop moving you realize exactly how much pain you really are in), didn’t even make it into the shower and instead went to bed for 6 hours. But best believe that the very next day though sore I went back outside and ran 4 miles and ran with a renewed sense of confidence in myself. In the 4 weeks leading up to the race I’d question if this was all a good idea or if my best running years were behind me or if I couldn’t make the transition from hurdler/sprinter to marathoner. After the Manhattan Half I knew the answers to all those questions. Sure I could have started out racing a 5K or a 4M but I sometimes wonder if I’d have made it to the 2011 NYC Marathon if I hadn’t taken the path I took. No way to ever know for sure but that is my racing past and this Saturday starts my racing present.

    It goes without saying that I need to beat 1:53:51 this weekend as I am not getting beat by a runner who was out of the sport for years and only trained 4 weeks for a half marathon. Most of my halves tend to fall into the 1:40-1:50 range but for this one I’d like to see 1:39 or so. Wouldn’t be outstanding but it would be a new 2nd best finish (SI Half 2010- 1:34:32, first half of NYC Marathon 2011- 1:45:26 are current #1 and #2). Getting ahead of myself but in March for the NYC Half there is going to be a new PR but that’s a story for another blog. But before I get off topic and start going off on a tangent I’ll end this by saying every race should have a goal and a purpose. Doesn’t have to be to PR all the time but def have a game plan in your head but feel free to change it on the fly as circumstances dictate.

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    Back on (the) Track 

    Sorry about yesterday’s short post. Wasn’t home all day yesterday so had to make due typing it on my phone. Works well for texts and tweets but not so well when trying to write something longer and more detailed. So as mentioned earlier I took a trip to East River Park where they happen to have a 400m track. I haven’t done interval training in a very long time. Probably going back almost a year if not longer. I have many goals for this year and to reach them I won’t be able to just do it running miles alone. So on a cold 33 degree day with the wind chill bringing it down into the teens I took the track wearing shorts (but hat, gloves and long sleev shirt) for a workout.

    Started things off with a 1.5 mile warm up in 11:16 or 7:30 mile pace. Took the time to stretch properly for this one. You should stretch everytime you run and I am not the best at keeping to that but when demanding more from your muscles and in this kind of cold you have to. The workout for the day was 15×200 with 200m walk between sets. Goal pace was 36-38. Splits were 37-39-37-38-39-37-34-38-39-36-37-37-37-36-35. It was a lot tougher than I thought it would be. It also is a slap of reality that I don’t have my speed at the moment which I udnerstand why that is the case. Years back after 7 or 8 mile runs my friends and I used to finish off with 4×200 and routinely hit 23-26. So it was a little sobering to not be able to hit that kind of speed or anything close to it. This does show me where my weaknesses are so I can plan accordingly and add to my training so that next time out this is much easier. Ended the day with a quarter mile jog back to my car and though I should have maybe made it at least a mile I chose to call it a day as my hamstrings were sore and didn’t want to risk the race season over a cool down.

    So what was the aftermath of running 200′s? I woke up very sore the next day. It also didn’t help that it was even colder out so I waited as long as I could until it warmed up (if you consider 25 with a 9 degree wind chill warmer) and ran 5 miles. My legs felt very heavy and it was hard to keep the pace under 7:45 but ended the run at 7:38 pace. I always like to run on a Sunday as I feel its good to start the week off 1-0 as opposed to 0-1. Just sets the tone better for me mentally.

    Been doing a lot of things over at so take a look and see all the new things in place and coming soon. Right now working on a complete redo of the places to run article (it’s getting its own section now). New poll is in place on the main page (and all pages actually since it is now built into the master page template so that along with the Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Guestbook and Youtube links are all easy to find no matter where on the site you venture off to) so take a quick second and vote. It’s taken a long time but its finally starting to look the way I envisioned it all those years ago. So keep checking back each day for new items such as running tips, eating advice and quotes to keep you motivated just to name a few things.

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    Blog on the go 

    Attempting to blog from my droid x. This will be short and sweet with a much longer version done tomorrow from my desk at work. It was brick city in nyc this weekend and yet I found myself outside running both days anyway. Did a track workout for first time in months. Want to thank Robin for the idea and for keeping me honest out there during our 15×200. Pacing was 36-38 and we held it whole way. Shock to system to do speedwork again and slight blow to my pride that I couldn’t get them under 35 let alone 30. Need to work harder if this is going to be a year of pr’s. I woke up from that today feeling sore and heavy but still got a 5 mile run in the books. Just got to keep running miles, add intervals or hills once a week and work on my core and it’ll all come together. Also check out with its new and improved layout and tips, advice and tricks on running, working out and all things fitness. Its a new week so get out there (or in there if you’re going to the gym) and get fit.

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    Version 3.0 

    Alright so all those things I promised would be coming to Running Redemption are finally happening. Head over to to see design layout 3.0. First off let me tell you that website design is hard stuff. You make one change and it multiplies into two and so on and it takes a while to get everything looking the way you envision it. My advice to anyone trying this is to sketch it out on paper first and then attempt to tackle it. Trust me it is much easier this way and you are less likely to forget a step or leave something out. It’s a much easier to navigate things with the home page being far more useful than it was in the past. So take a few minutes to look around, read some articles, check the tip and quote of the day, watch a youtube video and then come back here to finish reading my blog.

    You’ll also notice the team page has been revamped. And there is now a 3rd official member of the team. No it’s not as big as when Hulk Hogan joined Hall and Nash as the 3rd member of the nWo back at Bash at the Beach 1996 but it’s still somewhat groundbreaking. So big round of applause for Alex for joining up and making it his mission to get in shape for 2012. Alex is signing up for the NYC Bike Tour and we are going to help him get brolic and diesel for it so that he crosses the finish line with ease. I have a lot of people telling me they want to join and be part of the revolution and I am all for it but you guys got to hit me up with a bio and pic so I can make it official. It’s time to take back the fitness world and I need an army for that.

    For the week in training I’ve put up 4, 6 and 6 mile runs with 2 days to go so very likely the total gets added onto. Have not been good on stretching or exercising this week so need to get back on the horse in those areas. I’ve been pretty good on my diet this week with a lot of fruits and veggies being added to the mix and bad meals being very few and far between. With my first race of the year coming up in 8 days its time to start operating on all 8 cylinders and being the great runner I know deep down that I can be.

    For 2012 I can tell you some of the things coming your way. If you check on facebook the Running Redemption fan page is now up and running at so be sure to check it out and join the group. There is a logo I am designing for the site that is close to completion which will soon sit atop the website. That logo may also appear on a shirt or bag or other apparel that team members will get first crack at wearing. Coming in the spring for those who need to get in shape fast to fit into their bathing suit for beach season we will be holding running boot camp. And as always check the site for quotes, tips, advice, motivation and articles on a wide range of fitness activities. 2011 was a great year but we want you to help us make 2012 10x better. So who’s in?

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